About us

Shaoxing Huachang New Material Co., Ltd.(original Qiangsheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.) is the only enterprise specialize in the marketing of inorganic silicon compound, and is also a large inorganic inorganic silicon company in China.

Zhejiang Shanyu Huachang Trade Co.,Ltd.is located in Shangyu,in the largest chemical park in Zhejiang Province-East Weiyi Road in Shangyu Industrial Park.

With the technical support from Zhejiang Qiangsheng Chemical Co.,Ltd and Qingdao Dongyue and other famous domestic enterprises. We become the largest domestic leading enterprise in the manufacturing and marketing of Sodium metasilicate,odium metasilicate pentahydrate,Sodium metasilicate nonahydrate,potassium silicate,Sodium silicate and other products.

  • The annual output :
  • 1. Sodium metasilicate:10000t;
  • 2. sodium metasilicate pentahydrate:10000t;
  • 3. Sodium metasilicate nonahydrate:10000t;
  • 4. Sodium metasilicate:3000t;
  • 5. potassium silicate liquid(Modulus 3.9M,3.25M,3.0M,2.85M,2.5M,2.0M)5000t;
  • 6. potassium silicate (Modulus 1.0M)1000t;
  • 7.High-purity sodium silicate liquid(Modulus 3.9M,3.25M,3.0M,2.85M,2.5M,2.0M)5000t;
  • 8. Analytical grade and reagent grade Sodium metasilicate,Sodium silicate,potassium silicate,etc.
  • 9. All kinds of cleaning, detergent?raw materials.

Our company has professional staff dedicating to the manufacturing, and research of inorganic inorganic silicon compounds. The application method and technology is advanced. We can provide quality service to our customers and promote the industrial and technology process.

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